WorkForce Surplus (17th - 21st Jan 2022)

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Workforce Surplus It is common in many industries to receive a significant number of qualified applicants for a single job advert, leading to a workforce surplus. Some roles are more popular than others. Either way, to stand out from this surplus of the workforce, you need to heavily differentiate yourself from the rest. How to differentiate yourself - personally and professionally? Think critically about different personal experiences you have had, possibly beyond the advertised role. Different social situations you have been through, which others do not have.

  • For example, being a sports person, taking an extra subject in university from a completely different discipline, or having started your own YouTube channel etc.

  • Reflect how these different experiences have shaped you to be different than the rest of the applicants, and how it will help to do the advertised role better.

  • Think of your interests and hobbies and how it has influenced you to be better on the advertised job role, or how it has enhanced your soft skills. § E.g. being in a toastmasters club could be helpful in a sales role.

o If you are already employed, and looking for a new role, think of and reflect on what are the professional competencies you have, which others can't easily replicate, and try to do an extra course on it, and further develop those skills.

• It is even possible to get feedback from collogues and supervisors to understand your strengths and professional competencies.

By differentiating yourself from most of the candidates, you can overcome the situation of workforce surplus.

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