Know your Own Importance (7TH March 2022 - 11TH March 2022)


As humans, we like being valued, and this is especially true at the workplace. Identifying your sense of worth or importance can always be a self-motivating factor, leading to career success.

How to know your importance?

  1. Know about yourself well. What are your strengths and capabilities? Compare this to what others bring on to the table. Understand your character and reflect how it can add value for the team, and ultimately how it can add value to organisational success.

  2. And be aware of what are the ideal behaviours that are important for the organisational success. Compare it to behaviours and attitudes that you already have.

  3. Think of how well you can contribute in a unique way, complementing and building synergies with your team's capabilities.

  4. Value Assurance: Always remember to engage with the management on communicating the value you add to the team.

  5. Take time to learn an additional skill, that can complement your existing skills, notice how it can improve your productivity at work & help you advance in your career.

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