Know What a Team is & How it Works ! (24th -28th Jan 2022)

Weekly Neuro Global Careers (#NGC) Job Tips


To be successful future supervisor or managers, we all need to know how a team works.


1) Understand in all teams there are variety of individuals "shoving" the other with unequal force.

2) Getting this right, you will get the best result you need from each of these people in your team. Know them , know how their function relates to you .

3) Use your team member as a social club. Use casual topics like "fashion" or "football" to get the dynamics right.

4) Use words like "we" instead of "i" even if it was indeed only you whom cleared the mess in the department when you report to the boss.

Trust on this one , the boss often knows whom deserves the credit at the end of the day.

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